Novak Djokovic and the hierarchy of whiteness

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Is the disparaging treatment meted out to the Serb because he is not considered white enough by the West?

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Dear Ahmed Sule, here in Serbia we consider this as kinda racist.
We are whiter that our anglosaxons dušmani and must say much pretier.
So please, don’t consider us into skin color theme, please.
With best wishes and Gods blessings, Србин.

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Excellent article and on point. Unfortunately, the discrimination against Djokovic began immediately and it is clearly because he is Serbian.

We have seen attempts to veil the discrimination in ridiculous arguments like “he tries to hard to be liked” or in double standards that this article clearly points out. The fact that the likes of Nike have failed to sponsor him at any stage in his career is another example of bias against Djokovic. Watching in Wimbledon the clear bias by many of the fans cheering against Djokovic as he was playing was heartbreaking and sickening.

The author clearly understands that in Europe there is a hierarchy and that Slavs, along with many other Eastern Europeans, are at the bottom of that ladder. Any arguments against this analysis would be a clear display of ignorance of the reality of the situation.

Any arguments against this analysis would be a clear display of ignorance of the reality of the situation.

So anyone who disagrees with your “analysis” is stupid? Really classy. :grin:

Ana Ivanovic never had any trouble finding fans anywhere she went, and she’s neither blonde nor blue eyed, and she’s Serbian. But the thing is, she’s really really good looking. Novak is not ugly but he’s also not good looking and he cares very little about style. His own wife cuts his hair with a clipper. He shaves once a week. In the West, most people care about other people’s style and image, and when you don’t care about your style people think you’re a peasant, whether you’re English, Russian, Black or Chinese. Let’s face it, sport is also about being cool. Novak was never cool. He’s just not and he doesn’t care. He cares about destroying his opponents, winning and that’s it.

You’re oversimplifying a very complex issue. I think “racism” is maybe 10% of Novak’s problem with fans. I’m not saying there’s zero prejudice against East Europeans but, as a Eastern European, I think there’s very little of it. Nowadays, if you’re English, people have prejudice about you. If you’re Italian, if you’re German, people will also have some prejudice against you, so I think it’s just tiny, tiny problem compared to real, damaging racism, for example, against Black people.